The Masjid Chroniclers: Musholla Tip Top Supermarket Rawamangun (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Musholla Tip Top Rawamangun

You might find this post a bit peculiar since I also write about musholla and its important existence to keep us up with our obligations. In time perhaps I will also discuss about certain musholla available at shopping malls and hotels. The thing is, sharing is caring, so I do hope this information will be useful for you.

Tip Top Supermarket as we know it, sells stuffs with better price so everyone seems to really enjoy their time doing monthly grocery time here anytime of the day. It may not be your typical sophisticated supermarket with imported products, the not-too-crowded, nor even squeaky clean. Tip Top is the opposite of those traits although they try to make it as clean as possible. Particularly in Rawamangun, it may be tough even just to find a parking space for your car and the street outside is overshadowed with bajaj and angkot. Well, at times you might feel disoriented with all those commotions and you couldn’t find a time to do shalat, but the supermarket has the answer.

All you gotta do is to ascend the escalator upstairs and you’ll find a safe, quiet haven on the corner. Not necessarily quiet though but it’s perfect for a time off to see our beloved Creator. Inside, the male jamaah and the females are separated and with different doors. Even though the wudhu sinks may be limited but you’ll find it very spacious for shalat. The place can hold a congregation of around two dozens of people and appears very decent. It is also air-conditioned and I don’t know about you, but I feel literally safe once inside and it’s a good place also to spend some time more doing good deeds while waiting for your wife shopping downstairs. Yes, we are boys right? 🙂

Again, there’s no excuse in not doing shalat anywhere and even in supermarkets. Lucky, this particular supermarket has more than you could ask. (RF)


Musholla Tip Top Supermarket (Rawamangun)
Jalan Balai Pustaka Timur 31-35, Jakarta – Indonesia
Phone: +62.21.489.2154