Tracing Back Islam: Minaret of Isa

Minaret of Isa

This minaret, which is on the left side of the Umayyad Mosque is also known as the Jesus minaret. It is from here that Hazrat Isa (upon him be peace) will descend back to earth towards the end of time.

  • Muslims believe that Isa (upon him be peace) did not die on the cross but Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) raised him to heaven and he will return one day to defeat the Dajjal (Anti-Christ). According to a Hadith, he is on the second heaven. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) mentioned, “During the Me’raj (Ascension), I met Isa (upon him be peace) on the second heaven. I found him of medium stature, reddish white. His body was so clean and clear, that it appeared as though he had just performed ghusal (ablution, cleansing of the entire body) and come.” In another Hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) mentioned to the Jews that, ” Hadhrat Isa (upon him be peace) is not dead, he will most surely return to you before Qiyamat (the Day of Judgement).”
  • The physical features of Isa (upon him be peace): He will resemble the famous sahabi Urwa bin Masoodi (may Allah be pleased with him). He will be of average height and red and white in colour. His hair will be spread to the shoulders, straight, neat and shining as after a bath. On bending his head, it will seem as if pearls are falling. He will have armour on his body. He will be wearing two pieces of cloth light yellow in colour.
  • He will descend on a Jamaat (group) that will be righteous at the time and comprising of 800 men and 400 women. The people will be preparing for war at the time against Dajjal. It will be time for Fajr prayers, and Imam Mahdi will be the Amir (leader) of the Muslims. From the darkness of the dawn, a sound will suddenly be heard that “one who listens to your pleas has come” – the righteous people will look everywhere and their eyes will fall on Isa (upon him be peace). Briefly, at the time of Fajr, Isa (upon him be peace) will descend. When descending, Isa (upon him be peace)’s hands will be on the shoulders of two angels (according to another source (Kab Abrar), a cloud will carry him). On their insistence Isa (upon him be peace) will introduce himself. He will inquire about their enthusiasm and thoughts on Jihad against Dajjal. Isa (upon him be peace) will descend on the eastern side near the minaret in Damascus (or in Baitul-Muqaddus according to another narration). At the time Imam Mahdi will have proceeded forward to lead the Fajr Salaat. The Iqamat of the Salaat will already have been recited and Imam Mahdi will call Isa (upon him be peace) for Imamat (to lead the prayer), but he (Isa (upon him be peace)) will instead tell Imam Mahdi to lead the prayer since the Iqamat of that Salaat has already been said for him. Thus Imam Mahdi will lead the prayer, and Isa (upon him be peace) will follow him. After the ruku, he will make this statement: “Allah has killed Dajjal and the Muslims have appeared.”
  • Isa (upon him be peace) will subsequently kill Dajjal and a great era of peace and harmony will come to the world. Isa (upon him be peace) will marry and have children and will live for 19 years after his marriage. He will then pass away and be buried next to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in Majid-e-Nabwi, Madinah.


References:  “Major signs of Qiyamat” by Mufti A.H.Elias

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The Masjid Chroniclers: Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta 1

Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa is perhaps one of the most famous masjid in Jakarta that can hold thousands of visitors at one time. Its popularity might be second next after Istiqlal, the biggest one in Indonesia so far.

The construction of this masjid started in 1960s and finally concluded under the leadership of Jakarta’s most famous governor, Mr Ali Sadikin. The design itself is different than most masjid as there’s no sign of Middle Eastern influence here at all, except for Arabic letters. The architect back in the 1960s wished to apply a local taste in it and also designed the roof specifically resembling a boat, which symbolizes both of hands opening when praying to Allah SWT.

The existence of Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa has been very important for Jakartans as it is located strategically around Menteng neighborhood, nearby to many government buildings as well as both Sudirman and Kuningan business districts. This masjid serves as a perfect stop from any direction to perform your daily shalat, making it no excuse for Muslims to stop by specifically for Maghrib prayer as they will be most likely get caught in traffic jams on their way home.

Not only that, Mesjid Agung Sunda Kelapa is perhaps one of the best-equipped  in Jakarta. Hundreds of mushaf are available for your Quran recital needs and many decent presentation equipments are also frequently used for religious seminars with notable Islamic teachers and particular youths of this masjid (RISKA – Remaja Islam Sunda Kelapa). Televisions are placed in every corner and used to broadcast the imam’s speech especially during Friday prayer, the very time when congregation may reach the limit of this masjid capacity.

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta 4

Expansions have been done within the past one or two decades in order to increase its capacity and also to accommodate multi events such as wedding for example. Just recently, hawkers nearby the masjid received upgrades from the local government, making them appear tidier and more organized.

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta 5

On the downside though, as per this February I found that the website is currently inactive since the last activity was recorded back in December 2012. It would be very convenient for many people nowadays who prefer to seek information about specific events they wish to attend.

In terms of cleanliness, sometimes I found it a bit negligent especially on the plaza after the main gate of the masjid. Additionally, the main trash bin is just right beside the main gate, which I bet making everyone who passes it by uncomfortable with the smell. Bottom line is, I personally think the management should pay more attention with overall maintenance, especially for the outdoors. It’s such a shame as the indoor hall of prayer is actually very comfortable with thick carpets and air conditioned. Hopefully this insight will encourage us as Muslims to always donate and contribute for the best of our beloved masjid anywhere it is. (RF)

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta 3

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta 6


Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa
Jalan Taman Sunda Kelapa no. 16, Menteng – Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62.21.3193.4261