Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh~

Hi, we are The Islamic Chroniclers!

We found our fascinations upon photography and also realizes the beauty of masjid as our religion’s house of prayers. Altogether, we are also students of history as Islam that we know now owes largely to the splendor of our past. Through history only, we can clearly recognize a lot of inventions, achievements, or any feats that we know today are inspired mostly from our accomplishments during Islamic Golden Age centuries ago.

In this blog, we would like to share the story behind every masjid that we encounter both visually and verbally. Not only that masjid is our pride and joy as Muslims but it is also the very place where we seek solace from Allah SWT. That really signifies masjid as a place of huge importance to revive our ukhuwwah spirit wherever we are.

Allow us to present you all with the beauty of masjid from this endeavor. Be it new, be it old, be it small, be it large, we would like to share it with you all and hopefully it may also be useful at times when you need to stop by and perform your duties of prayer or shadaqah, or even silaturahhim with fellow Muslims there.

Meanwhile we’re not at it, we are also compiling stories particularly about the Islamic Golden History, collection of hadiths and quotes, also the tales of our historical Muslim figures that will inspire us all. However, be sure to credit the original source of these posts if you would like to re-share it with everyone else.

Therefore, we shall start this journey by saying Bismillah. 🙂


**Credits are due for Emanuele Brugnoli, Fausto Zonaro, and other artists for the impressive paintings depicting old Islamic civilization that we use as the header images


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