Islamic Youth Leadership Program: Tazkiyah – Purification of the Soul (Part 4 – Final)

Dedicated to revive the leadership quality among the younger Islamic generation of today, Islamic Online University held the YL360 Course for public for free through the website. Here are the excerpts from the course which I will present to you all in separate posts.


Still related to nafs, please take some time and answer these questions for your nafs check:

  1. Able to wake up for tahajjud regularly?
  2. Control your tongue, hands, sins, and mind?
  3. Control your sexual desires?
  4. Control over food?
  5. Aware of blessings?

The answers may be the key on how to improve our control over our nafs and to reach the desired type of nafs among the categories mentioned in Part 3 – nafs al-mutmainnah.

Man vs Shaytan

“O mankind! Verily, the Promise of Allah is true. So let not this present life deceive you, and let not the chief deceiver (satan) deceive you about Allah.”
– QS Fatir: 5

Shaytan is extremely experienced in this because he has been working on this for thousands of years. One may ask at how does he do his job.

Shaytan will work on these following three categories to mislead the humankind:

  1. Giving good sounding names to things horrible and evil
    The earliest example was the eternity fruit that he made Adam and Eve ate. As for now, there are a lot of examples such as anything in the name of fashion – people dressing inappropriately and labeled as norm. Another example is the term of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” that may sound innocent but not. Or something like Valentine’s Day, khamr, music, democracy, and other brands/labels propagated by the Western civilization in the name of fun and sophistication.
  2. Becoming our “personal assistant”
    Deceiving us from our true purpose. For example, the shaytan will whisper us to delay our salah when the time is due, telling us not to lower our gaze when seeing a beautiful woman, and many other temptations.
  3. Through our intentions
    For example is riya by means of diverting our initial intention to pray for Allah but instead showing other people that we look pious.An example from a hadith that during the day of Judgment, there would be three types of person – martyr, knowledgeable person, and generous person. These people are expected to go to Paradise but Allah will ask the first one concerning the blessings.

    The first one told Allah that he martyred for the sake of Him but Allah said that he’s lying because he wanted to let people see how courageous he was. Allah then drags him to the hellfire. So are the other two persons, they were also wanted people to see them for their good deeds and not for pleasing Allah. These kinds will be thrown to hellfire.

That’s why the shaytan manipulates us through this area and tries to corrupt us. Let us pray that Allah may guide us. And also we need to be careful of ‘autopiloting’ ourselves by doing good deeds but only because we’re doing it automatically and forgetting that we’re doing these for Allah. We need to be conscious with this because it might make us lose our khusyu during salah and ultimately losing our reward or even rendered useless.



Excerpts from the narration of Nihal Javed of Islamic Online University


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