Quote #10

“The fearless Akbah plunged into the heart of the country, traversed the wilderness in which his successors erected the splendid capitals of Fez and Morocco, and at length penetrated to the verge of the Atlantic and the great desert….

The career, though not the zeal, of Akbah was checked by the prospect of a boundless ocean.

He spurred his horse into the waves, and raising his eyes to heaven, exclaimed:

‘Great God! if my course were not stopped by this sea, I would still go on, to the unknown kingdoms of the West, preaching the unity of the holy name, and putting to the sword the rebellious nations who worship another gods than Allah.’

Uqba “Akbah” bin Nafi (622-683) on his conquest to the westernmost of Africa and being the first Muslim who reached it


Excerpts from the writings of historian Edward Gibbon


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