Quote #9

Umar bin Abdul Aziz was once dividing among the Muslims the apples harvested from the general land of the Muslims, when one of his small sons picked one for himself.

When Umar saw that, he took back the apple from the mouth of his son.  The young boy felt hurt and went away quite angry to his mother.

His mother immediately sent away to the market and bought some apples for her boy.

When Umar came back home he smelled the smell of apples and then said: “Oh Fatimah, have you taken any apples from that crop of apples commonly owned by the Muslims?”

She answered: “No.”  But she told him the story of how she got the apples home.

Then he said: “By Allah I have taken it away from my own son as if I had taken it away from my own heart. But I did that for I feared that I would lose myself in front of Allah, the Exalted and the Elevated, for the sake of an apple which is taken from the common ownership of the Muslims.” 

(Al-Faraj, Al-Jawzi, Al-Qurashi, Al-Baghdadi, Salami 217)


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