Do You Know? #4

Do you know?
Modesty and manners of Ottoman people
A. Brayer, the French doctor who resided in Istanbul for many years, and who meticulously observed the social life of the Ottomans has the following to say:

“As a result of their modesty and manners the qualities of pride and arrogance have virtually disappeared from the Ottomans. This is because pride and arrogance are two negative traits that Islam has strongly banned. The Muslims are always warning each other of the following:

  • “Do not walk proudly on the earth and do not turn away from the people out of arrogance”.
  • “Allah loathes the one who is self-conceited and arrogant”
  • “Be humble in your actions, and speak with a soft voice”
  • “Pride comes from ignorance, the scholar is never proud”.
  • “Humility gives a person dignity”

It is because of this that there is a dignity and majesty in the walk of the Ottoman, but at the same time, there is no pride, nor pomp. They always speak softly. You can never sense a dictatorial air in their gestures. And there is a sweetness and ease in their service”.


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