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Considering all the history facts where the caliphates in the past gave justice and prosperity for more than a thousand years, now the Ummah is in a condition of disbelief and tend to just give in for democracy instead. Don’t you know that democracy never works? It will only bring misery to the people and in the name of people. How ironic.

If you’re asking something logic like ‘So if not democracy, what then?’, well the answer is of course the Caliphate like the times of the Rashiduns. How do we erect again such state? It’s really up to your patience but voting for democracy is definitely not the solution. It may seem like a solution but what if the leader changes, then it will bring different policy. Not to mention that so many people want to interfere and getting involved with policy-making. Thus as you can see, there are policies meant to support our deen’s values but there are those who opposed.

So how can we really live the way Allah told us so if we keep on facing the contradictions?

The Caliphate system is a proven system that will solve the problems, bringing on the justice, and prosper the people by using Quran and Sunnah as the main consideration. Simply, it is a system that’s based on a conscience for responsibilities toward Allah SWT and Allah SWT only. Unlike now, it’s all about personal or group interests based on what humans feel best without referring to Quran and Sunnah. How silly of us if we still keep on continuing like this.

Now it’s your pick. Tread it with patience starting from the family and the community, strengthen it, and then expand. Or pick the failed ideology of democracy and involved yourself in dirty battles designed to make Islam lose.


Postface: @pokamamil

Source: http://www.danisiregar.com/2014/01/ideologi-Islam-kapitalisme-sosialisme-beda-perbandingan.html#.UukXa_mSzEN


Infographic: Perbandingan 3 Ideologi – Islam, Kapitalisme, dan Sosialisme (via Dani Siregar)

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