AlFatih Studios - 14 Februari

Valentine’s Day is nothing but absurdity for true Muslims. True love can be celebrated everyday and if you look at the history, it was nothing related to Islamic traditions.

It’s a good thing that our benevolent teacher, Felix Siauw, and his AlFatih Studios project provide us through the Facebook page about the essence of love and the facts behind this particular ‘celebration’. Bottom line is, being a Muslim means that we should be proud of the teachings of Muhammad SAW and nothing else matters.

Do contemplate upon this dear readers and feel free to spread the message by first downloading this following link.

AlFatih Studios – Buklet Cinta Mulia & Fakta 14 Februari


Infographic and booklet by: AlFatih Studios


Infographic: February 14th of 2014 is our Jumah Mubarak and nothing else matters!

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