Do you know the time when Muslims ruled the land now known as Spain? Once, it was called Al-Andalus and how mighty the civilization once built there by the Muslims for over 800 years until it fell one by one under the Christians rule.

Why did it happen?

Once the Andalusians were people who praised Allah from inside their hearts and throught their doings. Allah blessed them with majestic achievements through Andalusian scholars, technology, economy, and everything.

But people gave in to their sheer lust of power and divided themselves into many rivaling taifa (republic). We chose to ally ourselves with the true enemy who sought to one day reconquer again Al Andalus for the sake to beat the rivals of the same faith. We chose to betray our brothers in deen but we didn’t know that one by one, the Christians took the territories once belong legitimately to the Muslims.

The Andalusians forgot the true essence of being a Muslim and Allah gave warnings, but they chose to ignore it until it’s too late.

Until the day arrived when Granada became the only kingdom left in Al Andalus.

Give yourself a mere 5 minutes to understand about what happened in the past to Andalusian Muslims and see what happen to us as well today. If you finally realize that you can do something, even a little, to bring the light of Islam back again to your closest ones or even the society, then this video has served its purpose.

Barakallah to Syeikh Zahir Mahmoud the narrator for the inspiring da’wah.


Postface by: @pokamamil

Video by: The Merciful Servant


Video: The Fall of Al-Andalus (via The Merciful Servant)

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