Dracula was one of the greatest enemies of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, but he was neither a real vampire nor a fairy tale, rather he was a vicious crusader who fought against the army of Muhammad al-Fatih (Mehmed II The Conqueror of Constantinople).

Join Musa Cerantonio as he discusses this amazing episode in Islamic history.


While dracula survives modern days through tales written by Bram Stoker, Muslims also should know the history behind the confrontation between Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) and Muhammad Al Fatih which of course, you can find in this video.

Just a small clarification, while Musa Cerantonio said that Dracul means ‘satan’, it was also meant as ‘dragon’ as this creature was considered satanic during the older days of Christianity back in Eastern Europe. Also, you might find that the original title of this video is somehow in contradiction with what Musa Cerantonio said that it was unclear who killed Vlad, either the Muslim Turks or the betrayal among his ranks. But nevertheless, the Turks finally got ahold of his body in the end.

So for this purpose, TMC will still put the original title and the rest is pretty much the same for us, keep on digging the history!


Postface by: @pokamamil

Video source: The Merciful Servant and Turn2Allah


Video: Muslims Killed Dracula (via The Merciful Servant)

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