Our teacher, Nouman Ali Khan, shares his tips on how to wake up early for Fajr prayer and on how to give up our earthly pleasure for the sake of pleasing Allah SWT – the sole creator of everything.

It is also mentioned in the video on how Mr Ali Khan describes how fortunate it is for those who regularly go to masjid for Fajr prayer and that is to receive the inexplicable blessing you won’t get from regular halaqa. He mentioned, ‘Once you step outside of masjid, you gonna feel like you want to do this everyday!’. It’s because you’re spending a quiet time, praying with other believers, legions of angels, and perform the precious Fajr prayer together in a masjid. Can you mention something else more beautiful and challenging to do than that?

Truly, if one day we see Muslims flock to masjids again in large number for Fajr prayer, it’ll be the day when Islam brings the light back again for the world!


Halaqa by Nouman Ali Khan

Postface by @pokamamil


Video: Tips to Wake Up for Fajr Prayer (by Nouman Ali Khan)

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