While many of Muslims are still entrapped in celebrating worthless ceremony like New Year’s Eve and spend many of their fortunes for pleasure, please spare your ‘precious’ time a bit and remember what’s it like in Ash-Sham – where hundreds of thousands of blood spilled in a battle between those of defend your deen against the alliance of Shiites armies.

Imagine the children, the mothers, and the elders who struggle just to get themselves out of this fierce winter and waves of fire from the skies bombarded by the enemies.

Can you not show your support and respect by just witnessing this small da’wah, ya kaum Muslimin? (RF)


Source: Audio taken from the khuṭbah ‘The New Year’ by Sh Abu Umar Abdulazeez from Abu Huraira Center

Video Owner: http://www.youtube.com/user/HadyIshak


Video: Do Not Forget Ash-Sham (Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon)

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