Road For Peace 2013: Donations Plea for Syrian Children

HELP! - Winter in Syria

“I am not worried for the souls of the children who freeze and starve to death in Syria. They roam freely in the gardens of paradise.

My heart aches for their mothers who upon looking at their cherub’s lifeless body must wish to cease living themselves out of grief. But still, I am not worried for their souls as God does not place on a soul a burden greater than it can bear. As a reward for their patience, their children await them in the hereafter, grabbing on to their hands and clothes, refusing to let go until God enters them into paradise together. How beautiful!

The people I worry about most are you and me. The ones who have full fridges and warm homes and yet do little to thank Allah or come to the aid of those in need…the ones who have forgotten that each time an innocent person is killed and we turn away uncaring and unmoved, a part of our faith dies with them.

May Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) reunite every suffering mother and child, husband and wife and relative with those they loved most in this world under His shade. May they drink from the hands of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), and may they forget every pain that has ever afflicted them in this world.”
(Sahida Adam-alli)


Let us help our brothers and sisters, the children, the mothers, and the elderly in Syria, who are currently facing the harsh winter. We hope that the beautiful words from our sister Sahida will move your heart to help and contribute more for the Ummah…

Let us also pray for the safety of our brothers from Forum Indonesia Peduli Syam (FIPS), and Bumi Syam as the media partner, who will fly to Turkey and enter Syria by the end of this year to deliver the donations. We hope that no matter how humble the donation might be, it will bring warmth and comfort for the children against the harsh winter for months to come.

BANK NAME: Bank BNI Syariah
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 027-586-915-8


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