Tweet Series: Tragedi Karbala, Konspirasi Tingkat Tinggi Kaum Syiah – PART 3/3 by @CumiCola (2013.04.23)


It is somehow ironic to see the religion of Shiite mourns the death of Hussein every year by inflicting themselves with bloody pain, while the true fact behind the killers of Hussein RA was after all part of Shiite. It’s ironic to see them worshipping Ali RA and Hussein RA while it was themselves who were behind the misery of these exemplary leaders. The Ahlusunnahs need to be able to distinct themselves between Islam taught by Rasulullah SAW and the imaginary beliefs taught by the Shiites.

The sad historical fact behind the heroic death of Hussein RA would be a great example on how we see ourselves in history and our current standings in the world. Let us pause again a bit, learn the truths from history, see what happens now, and know which side we’re actually in – Islam or the rest of the world. With this, we can usher again the unity of Ummah! (RF)


Postface by: @pokamamil


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