The Masjid Chroniclers: Masjid Jami Riadhul Abidin (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Masjid Jami Riadhul Abidin - The books

Aside from Masjid Jami Al Akhyar around Kemang Selatan area, of course you might want to check for better options when you came from Jalan Kapten Tendean and entering Kemang through Jalan Bangka, since it’s quite far to reach Kemang Selatan. The answer lies at this homey, good-looking masjid.

Masjid Jami Riadhul Abidin - Facade

Appears fresh, whitewashed, and has beautiful greenery on the front yard, I quickly stopped by on a parking lot just across the masjid. The parking lot is not part of the masjid but since the guard said okay then off I went across the street to do my Dzuhur prayer. I followed the direction to perform the ablution on the rear side of the masjid only to found that the section’s cleanliness requires more attention from the the masjid’s caretakers. Even so, the toilet is in good shape, especially for women.

During masjid’s most vacant times such as a while after the early prayer times, most of the doors are locked and I had to go back again from the front yard to access the main door. It’ll be more convenient if they could open one or two side doors or at least put more directions for the visiting jamaah.

Masjid Jami Riadhul Abidin - View outside

The masjid itself has many windows to absorb natural lights from outside and it felt homey inside. Although for the past few days the weather has been very hot in Jakarta, the masjid can maintain a relatively cool temperature inside and it helped me a lot to perform more khusyu prayer.

I fell in love instantly with the masjid especially because of the homey interior, the brightness that came from the natural lights – thanks to the huge windows, and the spacious front yard. Although some sections require more attention, again it’s up to us whether we can participate to solve the problem and at the same time to bond ourselves with the caretakers. After all, it’s all our responsibility to take care the house of Allah, anywhere it is. (RF)


Masjid Riadhul Abidin
Jalan Bangka X no. 6
Jakarta, Indonesia
Telp: +62.21.718.2088



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