The Masjid Chroniclers: Masjid Jami Al Akhyar (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Al Akhyar - Facade

Whenever I’m around Kemang during prayer times, this particular masjid has become my choice thanks to its strategic location and direct visibility. I mean, you can definitely find other masjids but sometimes you don’t wanna fuss finding one of them inside Kemang narrow streets and the neighborhood’s notorious yet trivial congestions. You just wanna reach the most visible and nearest masjid you can reach.

Thanks to its tall minaret and a huge green dome, Masjid Al Akhyar can be easily recognized even from main street. But to reach this masjidyou have to go through an alley, fits for one car only, if you’re coming from the Kemang side. Alternatively, you can reach it normally from Jalan Benda.

Al Akhyar - Interior

Clean and spacious, the masjid itself has added a car port in front of it for public and plenty of room for motorcycles as well. With all the easiness Allah has provided for this masjid, I guess there’s no single excuse to skip your shalat right? (RF)


Masjid Jami Al Akhyar
Gg Masjid no 10, nearby Jalan Benda
Kemang Selatan – Jakarta, Indonesia
Telp: +62.21.780.1169



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