Tweet Series: Sepuluh Keutamaan Bumi Syam by @CumiCola (2013.06.14)


The struggle in Syria (part of Syam/Sham region) since 2011 is not merely about the wars between government versus rebel, like what we perceive from mainstream media channels, but it’s actually about the Muslims against the Shiite army under Bashar al Assad backed by Iran, Russia, and China. The weirdest part of all, the death toll from this struggle has reached hundreds of thousand people and yet the world, which currently ‘ruled’ by the West, do not care to help or intervene at all.

As you can see from these tweets, @CumiCola has gone the extra mile with his research about our Rasul SAW sayings in the past about the real importance of Sham for our Ummah. For this, the mujahids in Syria have also united under the glorious banner to rebuild again the Islamic Caliphate, the only nation in the whole world that was successful in promoting justice and prosperity.

Even so, it won’t be easy to achieve such vision because the kuffars and the hypocrites are also united to not let that from happening as we all know that Islamic Caliphate will bring an automatic end to their regimes.

For now, let us gather our best effort to assist our brothers in need in Sham, those who bravely shed their blood for justice and the return of Khilafa and Sharia – the only form of government that all human beings need! (RF)


Postface by @pokamamil


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