The Masjid Chroniclers: Masjid Al Hidayah (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Masjid Al Hidayah - Interior

It was a bit of a contingency that time and I was not able to take more pictures of this spacious shopping mall masjid. Well, the good thing is that it’s pretty rare to find a decent place to pray at many malls even in Jakarta, although some famous malls of the city do provide very decent musholla.

These musholla however, will be really full especially for Maghrib prayers and this kind of situation somehow affects my prayer’s solidity (khusyuk-ness). Lucky that Gandaria City, which apparently has a huge integrated space for a shopping mall, office blocks and apartments, has this particular Masjid Al Hidayah with the additional small musholla down at the mall to cater the needs of larger congregations.

This makes everything convenient and I’d rather detour a bit upstairs just to reach this masjid instead the musholla which is actually nearer. Once inside, not only that you’ll be awed with its space but the masjid itself is indeed very comfortable. You can rest and lie down a bit if you’re weary and, of course, mushaf are also provided well here for you to read. I suppose Jumat prayer is also assembled here on weekly basis and hopefully also other tausiyah sessions. This will require me to talk a bit with the administrators and of course, I’m gonna need to take more pictures from here.

With this kind of indulgence, I think there’s no more space for me to delay my prayer again when I’m in shopping malls! (RF)


Masjid Al Hidayah
Gandaria City Mall, Lvl P4
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama – Jakarta, Indonesia



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