The Masjid Chroniclers: Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin - Facade 1

One time upon an assignment to review one of the latest eateries around Kebayoran Baru, I was actually intrigued of where I should drop by for a while and perform my Zuhur prayer. I know a masjid nearby, Nurul Hilal, but it’s actually on a different neighborhood and required me to detour quite far just to get back again on track. Until I got myself puzzled and had to ask several people all along the way.

It was fun to scour the area a bit around Jalan Ciranjang and Jalan Ciragil, especially I finally found the exact location for the legendary ketoprak. By the way, I had asked several people already and their directions were a bit misleading. Until ultimately, a particular guy gave me a very clear direction and then I arrived at Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin.

Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin - Facade 2

Actually I was a bit both amazed and disappointed the first time I saw the masjid. I saw that the masjid is of vintage design and a bit derelict from its outer look, which I blamed instantly to this lavish neighborhood for letting its important house of prayer in that kind of state, but once I got inside, it’s a different world there.

Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin - Interior 2 Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin - Interior 1

Not only that Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin had been renovating its toilets and wudhu sinks, but I found out also that its praying space upstairs appear very comfortable and the vintage looks gave an added value. Even so, it was really hot that day and the masjid administrators didn’t bother to either turn on the fan or the AC, but I had a good time there.

Alhamdulillah, now I can find a very strategic masjid around the vicinity. It can be tricky to find a place to pray especially in a salubrious neighborhood like this one and Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin is indeed a gift from Allah for my perseverance to really find a proper place for Zuhur prayer. Until next time! (RF)


Masjid Nurul Mujaahidin
Jalan Ciragil no. 30, Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta, Indonesia



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