The Masjid Chroniclers: Masjid Al-Latief (Bandung, Indonesia)

Al - Latief Bandung 8

“(Muhammad), recite to them what has been revealed to you in the Book and be steadfast in prayer; prayer keeps one away from indecency and evil. It is the greatest act of worshipping God. God knows what you do.” (Al Ankabuut 45)

“Only those who believe in God, the Day of Judgment, perform their prayers, pay the religious tax, and have fear of God alone have the right to establish and patronize the masjid of God so that perhaps they will have the right guidance”. (At Taubah 10)

These two verses are written specifically upon the left and right side of the mimbar (pulpit) upon a cool wavy wooden decor of the recently renovated Masjid Al Latief in Bandung, Indonesia. The verses are of course a great reminder on how we can dedicate our times more for good virtues.

Al - Latief Bandung 2

The masjid itself was built perhaps years before my mother was born as she sometimes tells me stories about her experience there in the past with my late grandmother. Not only that it’s quite historic but also the fact that the masjid  is also located in a very comfortable neighborhood, far from the traffic noises. I found much of my time spent here quite solemn and heartwarming. Even so, a masjid shall always be a safe refuge and a place to really get yourself closer to Allah SWT.

Al - Latief Bandung 7

Al - Latief Bandung 3

Masjid Al Latief, as per early 2013, is still undergoing a good deal of renovation. The facade doesn’t seem to change a lot but the interior has been pretty much different. The qiblat direction had been shifted to the left and there’s this good, fresh look applied all around the masjid.

For example, you can see now that the mimbar has been designed quite lavish with all the red stone decor and an elegant mihrab. Outside, you can find a small ‘zen’ garden on the side of the masjid with pebble stones, well-trimmed grass, and additional sinks for wudhu, which makes it very convenient for visitors coming from that side.

Great choice for the fences as well and they are decorated with the names of Allah (asmaul husna). At night, the names will be enlightened by the light bulbs, making the masjid appear warm and elegant.

Al - Latief Bandung 5

Parking space can be quite scarce sometimes as a nearby security company usually park their vehicles on every available angle the masjid has prepared for the visitors. The good thing is that the employees are punctual when performing obligatory shalat especially of course during Zuhur or Ashar, although sometimes it might be difficult for random visitors who want to park their vehicles.

But bottom line is, Masjid Al Latief is already very prepared to hold a good amount of congregation especially during Friday prayer but one time though I found that the roofs are still prone to leaks especially during rainy season around these months. Hopefully the renovation will be finished thoroughly soon and Masjid Al Latief would be up and running at 100% capacity. 

So whenever you are around this vicinity between Jalan Supratman and Jalan Riau, you might want to find a safe, quiet haven for your daily prayer and Masjid Al Latief is easily found yet a good choice for that. (RF)

Al - Latief Bandung 6


Masjid Al Latief
Jalan Saninten no. 2 – Bandung, Indonesia
Phone: +62.22.720.7869



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